SPIES: Spy for Cleopatra

A Choose Your Own Adventure Book

Published: 5/1/2021

Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Spy for Cleopatra by Katherine Factor takes YOU to ancient Egypt where you're faced with a mission larger than any ancient pyramid! You must save the Great Library of Alexandria, help at the Pharos Lighthouse, stop Caesar and his takeover, travel the Nile River, visit Rome, and explore the mysteries of Egyptian mythology and pyramids―all without becoming lost in time― or worse, mummified! 9-12 year old readers travel back in time to try and change history and must choose what happens next in the story.

Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Spy for Cleopatra is an interactive adventure book in which YOU decide what happens next.

It is circa 400 A.D. and you are a young person living in ancient Egypt. You are studying with the powerful philosopher and mathematician, Hypatia. Hypatia's formulas and inventions will change the course of history, but she can't let go of an event from the past. She needs you to travel back in time to the age of Cleopatra in order to change history so the Library of Alexandria can be saved from destruction by fire. Can you do what's needed to preserve the world's most important knowledge?

For readers who enjoyed other titles from the Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES series, including: Harry Houdini by Katherine Factor, James Armistead Lafayette by Kyandreia Jones, Mata Hari by Katherine Factor, and Noor Inayat Khan by Rana Tahir.

Praise for SPIES: Spy for Cleopatra

"Excellent book! Our 11 year old daughter loved it and learned a lot!" - Susannah F.